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Home Exercises to Increase Penis Size Naturally

When it comes to penis size, every single man hopes, or wishes rather to be properly endowed. While genetics plays a big part on what size and shape your penis would be like, there are some things that you can do to drastically alter the size of your penis. These days, thanks to advances in technology, health and science there are now many methods, which you can use to enhance the size of your reproductive male organ. Exercises are one of the breakthroughs to your penis enlargement that help to increase girth and length. These are home exercises that you can do to increase your penile size naturally. Here is a list of the best exercises you can perform to achieve some inches:

1. Kegel Exercises

Apart from being known to be female exercise, Kegel exercise can also benefit many men when it comes to penis enlargement. One of the main reasons of enlarging your penis is to maintain a rock-hard erection. This means that the more control you’ll have over your organ the larger it will become. Perform this exercise by controlling the PC muscle and the muscle you use to stop urine flow. To start with, contract your PC muscle around 20 to 30 times and make sure you increase the number of contraction in order to work your way up every single day. Once you start feeling this muscle and able to control it, you’ll see a significant improvement with the size of your penis, especially when having sexual intercourse.

2. Circular-Rotation Exercise

Here, you need to pull your sexual organ outwards with single-hand and turn or rotate it while stretched. Rotate your penis in one direction for about 30 seconds and do the same in another direction. You can do this daily by repeating the entire process about five to ten times if you want your penis size to improve naturally.

3. Jelqing Off

This is an age-old technique that can also help your penis to enlarge naturally. Here, you will need some lubrication and your penis should be semi-erect for this exercise to work effectively. Jelqing needs you to gently massage your pennies by lightly pulling it outwards from its base in a continuous and constant motion while alternating between your hands. This may seem like masturbation, but the whole concept is to push the blood from the base right to the head of your junk. You can do this daily as many times as you can.

4. The Old Ball And Chain

Although this exercise is not recommended by most people, it is also another good exercise you can perform by attaching a weighted gadget on your penis. This will forcibly stretch your penis downwards, naturally increasing in length over-time. However, if this exercise isn’t properly performed, can be very dangerous to you.

5. Yanking Your Chain

Another great exercise to increase the size of your penis naturally that involves tightly holding the dick’s tip. With this exercise, you need to stretch your penis away from the body with one hand while placing the thumb of the other hand at the lower part of your penis, usually at the base. You should do this for about five minutes or more once or twice daily where each complete move takes around ten seconds.

6. Pull It Backwards

When doing this exercise, you will require pulling the penis’ skin backwards moving into the body with the use of your thumbs. For support, put the other fingers underneath the shaft. While holding it tightly for about 10 seconds, make sure you don’t hold it too tight to avoid cutting off blood circulation. You can repeat this for five minutes each single day for best and effective result.

7. Stretch It Out

Stretching your penis out is also one way you can use to improve the size of your sexual organ. Here, you need to hold it by the head upwards and then stretch while counting up to ten. Repeat the process by stretching it to all directions for five minutes daily. Conclusively, with these great home-based exercises, getting your desired size of your penis in a natural way is within your reach. What you need to do is to ensure that you perform each exercise in the right way. Make sure you are consistent and at least you do some of these exercises in each single day.

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