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How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

You may be wondering:

How do I get my penis to grow bigger without using supplement?

Well, here’s the secret – you can early learn how to grow a bigger penis naturally, safely, and without any side-effects or adverse repercussions. In this guide, we will take you through this well-kept secret. At the end of it, we hope
you’ll have gleaned enough knowledge to kick-start your way to a longer penis with a thicker girth and insane abilities in the sack.

Read on to learn more:


To improve the size of your penis, you need to focus on a couple of exercises. The physical exercise will put your body in excellent shape, which will automatically improve your self esteem. This way, you will feel more satisfied with your performance in bed – which will ultimately lead to an increase in your penis size.

Following below are a couple of effective exercises you should do if you are serious about learning how to get a bigger penis naturally:

1. Stretches

Start by holding the penis in the way you want it to grow towards with one
hand around the head and the other around that hand. While holding
onto your penis, stretch and rotate it to the left 30 times.

Then, have a brief period of rest during which you should massage
the penis. After that, hold it again in the same position, stretch it and rotate it to the right 30 times. Take another break and repeat the above procedure.

Done on a daily basis, this exercise has been proved to increase penile length. Although you will feel painful when you start out, it will eventually grow on you. The penis stretching exercise is actually one of the best exercises for those who wish to grow their size.

However, it does require tons of patience and proper executive. Failure to follow the right procedure might end up with some pain around the penile area.

2. Kegels’ Exercises

There are a couple of Kegels’ exercises you can engage in to enhance the
muscles in the penis by squeezing while peeing. Squeeze the penile muscles on and off, right on the right place to cut off the pee before releasing the pressure and allowing the pee to flow.

Work on these exercises in sets of 10, rest a while between each set and

3. Lubricate

After a short warm-up, you should use the lubrication exercise to naturally
increase the size of your penis. There are tons of lubricants out there designed to specifically help you get a bigger member.

However, the most common, natural method is to use a water-based or
petroleum-based lubricant. The lubricant you use will continue various vitamin complexes, antioxidants, and botanical extracts – which will go right into the penile tissues for faster and immediate results.

While using this method, remember that water-based lubricants tend to dry up fast. Therefore, you will need to use more of them.

4. Jelquing Exercises

For the Jelquing exercises, wrap up your hand around the penis, with the
thumb at the base. Then, squeeze hard pressing down the head. Through this action, the flow of blood will increase toward the penis.

Practice this exercise using both hands so that you do not cramp the muscles in one. By so doing, you will be able to shift from one hand to the next every few times.

5. Wally Wally Up

Sit on the edge of a chair until you are erect. Then, hold a towel right over the head of your penis and hold it tightly for 3 – 5 seconds.

Repeat the exercise in 3 or 5 sets with 5 to 10 reps each. In case the pressure is a bit too much, increase the resistance by changing to a larger towel or wetting that towel.

Before you start this exercise, it is also recommended that you warm yourself up with some warm water or a warm cloth.

6. The Circular Rotation

The circular rotation is pretty familiar to the stretches describe above. However, there are a couple of key differences between the two – as you will see in the steps below:

  • First, hold your penis in the stretched out position using one hand
  • Rotate it while in this position
  • Do the rotations for 30 seconds in one direction and another 30 in the other direction
  • Repeat this process 5 times every day

7. Length Extender

With the length extender exercise, you need to hold the head of your penis
firmly with one hand. The other hand should be over it to make a grip. Once the grip is strong enough, hold onto the head for 30 seconds straight. You can stretch and pull on the penis during this time, although you are going to feel a bit of pain.

Then, take a short break between each set. Once you start feeling more
comfortable with the length extender, increase the intensity of the grip for an even longer, firmer penis.

Unfortunately, the only way to make your penis bigger is by exercising. Although there are no foods that can help you extend the length
or breadth of your manhood, some foods are pretty effective at making it
easier for you to workout, train and exercise your penis until it gets to your
desired size.

By adding these foods to your diet and combining them with the exercises
described above, you are undoubtedly going to observe clear results.
Vasodilators are an example of such foods – including sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, salmon, tuna, liver, eggs, and milk.

Other foods to add to your diet for a longer member include:

1. Ginkgo Biloba

Look up this food and add more of it to your diet. Not only does it increase the circulation of blood in the body (and towards the penis), it is also effective at improving your cognitive abilities (which have to be in the right state for you to get an erection and ward off erectile dysfunction).

2. Ginger

Ginger is a proven penis improvement ingredient. It is particularly useful for strengthening the immune system. The nutrient is also great for optimizing overall penis health, without which you are going to have an awfully difficult time trying to make your manhood more presentable and adorable than it already is.

Ginger works by increasing the flow of blood to the penis, which you need for a couple of the exercises above. Further, it will help you burn fat (another strategy for ensuring your member is longer).

3. Pumpkin Seeds

“Pumpkin seeds?” You ask.
Yes! These are some of the healthiest of foods to add to your penis enlargement diet. The seeds are pretty effective at speeding up the rate at which blood is pumped all around your body. Further, pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E, which promotes overall good health in your sexual organs.

4. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is sassy – however, dark chocolate will give you a penis as large as the Dark Knight.

Highly regarded as a nutritious food, dark chocolate will improve your sexual life. It also contains the chemical flavanol, which will raise the flow of blood in your body system. Dark chocolate also happens to be the best variety around, and is much healthier than its white counterpart.
Further, this sweet contraption is rich in antioxidants, cocoa, and has the least amount of sugar – meaning it won’t cause you to gain weight. Eating more of it will detoxify your body, raise your energy levels, and give you the impetus required to exercise even harder for a bigger penis.

5. Cayenne Pepper

Most people do not know this but cayenne is a must-have if you are looking to enlarge your penis. Whereas most men do add it to their food almost every day, few of them realize that it is crucial for improving penis size.

For starts, cayenne pepper will increase your body’s rate of metabolism as well as its blood circulation mechanism. This way, it is highly effective for anyone training towards learning how to get a bigger penis naturally.

Mix cayenne with apple cider vinegar and drink the concoction everyday –
particularly in the morning. Although you are not going to like the taste at first, it will soon start growing on you after you realize what the mixture is doing for your main member.


Apart from adding certain foods to your daily diet as well as exercising right, consider following the advice provided below. This advice has scientific proof, especially when you think about the fact that it was actually provided by professionals specialized in helping men make their penises grow bigger.

1. Avoid Solo Sex
When you are on a sort of dry spell – voluntary or otherwise, the flow of blood to your penis will fill up. After you ejaculate, most of this blood will go back into the system, after which it will start filling up again.
This process makes you feel a bit bigger each time you have sex.
A renowned sex therapist, Ian Kerner, suggests that men consider when their penises are full. During this time, they should not use the computer or think lurid thoughts to tempt masturbation.

2. Lose Weight
Although you might not know this, people who are bulkier and rounder in the midsection actually have smaller penises than they ought to. A secret on how to get a bigger penis naturally, therefore, revolves around weight loss.

When you are overweight, the pelvic region will hang over your midsection, with unsightly body fat in the area. Similarly, your thighs are going to be fatter, crowding your genitalia. All of these issues can easily be gotten rid of through fast, effective weight loss.

After shedding off the extra pounds and packing muscle and a lean frame, you will start noticing that your penis not only looks bigger, it also feels so. The bone passing through the penis will get comparatively smaller and extend a bit further.

3. Toy It Up
Kerner further advises you try out a couple of sex toys to increase your penile size and strength. Using a fleshlight, for instance, will give you instant stimulation – which is highly effective at making your penis grow bigger naturally.

4. Erect More
Since some erections are involuntary, most men try to conceal them or ward them off.

Not so if you want a bigger member!

Sex specialists agree that the greater the volume of blood that is allowed to flow towards the penis, the bigger you will look. Therefore, you should consider activating the power of the hard-on to ensure that the blood is always flowing.

Pubococcugeus exercises, for instance, are a great way to develop erections
more often. Similarly, consider masturbating more often (with or without
ejaculating). Both of these exercises will ensure that you are sexually
stimulated. Simultaneously, you will direct more blood to flow to your penis, helping it start growing bigger.

5. Invest in a Penis Pump
Kerner has additionally written about how you can get a bigger penis by using a penis pump. These pumps are very effective, which is why they are also recommended by men undergoing radiation therapy or prostate procedures. Further, penis pumps are cheaper to buy, making them more accessible to all men looking to increase their penile size.

6. Trim the Pubes
If your pubic hair is super long, then you don’t need to be told that it will make your penis look shorter than it actually is. Trimming this hair, therefore, is a proven way to increase the size of the penis.

This is why:

Even porn-stars DO IT!


So, there you have it – the handy guide on how to get a bigger penis naturally. By following this guide to a tee, trying out the recommendations we have made, and measuring your penis every few weeks or so, you will start noticing results. Although some women will tell you that size does not matter, you can be sure:

It does!

Why embarrass yourself with your next catch, or someone you hope to live out the rest of your life with by staying with a small penis when you can enlarge it? Wave goodbye to a short penis and hello to a big, strong, impressive one by following the advice we’ve provided. Learning how to get a bigger penis naturally will not only make your dreams come true, it will also protect you from the largely-fake supplements and penis enlargement treatments that are being marketed out there.

In case you have any thoughts, suggestions, edits, or corrections, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you shortly.

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