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How to Increase Penis Size Naturally

Even though many people say that the size is not an issue, the reality is that you need a good size to turn your partner on. Good size makes your partner appreciate every moment you share making love. There are several products for penis enlargement in the market today. Because of their popularity, many brands of these products continue to flood the market. Every brand of penis enlargement products provides a unique way of increasing men’s size. However, an important thing to note about these products is that although they give quick results some of them include dangerous side effects. Just like any other health remedy, natural size enhancers are essential because they do not include dangerous chemicals found in pills. There are several products and penis enlargement programs that can help to; naturally boost your endowment. Using natural products would mean products made of natural harmless materials and deliver the best results. Natural methods are safe and deliver real results permanently.

Jelqing and other Penis Exercises

Exercising the penis is one of the proven natural options to achieve a longer and larger size. The Jelq is one of the basic movements meant to broaden the penis. In order to do this exercise, curve your thumb and index figure around your semi-erected penis then milk it in the forward direction. The movement is meant to force more blood into the glans. This stimulates the corpora cavernosum vascularity, which is the sponge-like reservoir in the penis holding and restricting blood during an erection.

There are also other simple ways in which you can enlarge your penis. They are simple but can provide visible results within a shorter period. They include the following:

  • Massaging the penis: Constant massaging of the whole length not only enlarges the girth but also increases the length. Massage encourages the flow of blood into the blood vessels situated in the sponge-like length of the penis.
  • Stretching the Penis: In this case, what you need to do is to pull the organ’s head upwards as well as in other directions that please you. However, you should not that stretching it has its limits.
  • Frequent use: Using the penis frequently has indicated greater effects in the increase of the length and size. Frequent sex and masturbation can augment its size and length.
  • Optimism: A good number of people spend much time thinking of how unfortunate they are with their small penis sizes. It is important to develop positive thoughts and hope of having better size with appropriate natural enhancing remedies. You should be optimistic that you will achieve a good endowment without pills and other artificial remedies that might cause adverse side effects.

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Penis Extender Devices

Penis extenders are mechanisms meant to lengthen the penis and make it broader. An extender is worn on the penis for six to ten hours daily for a period of between three and six months. Although it might be inconvenient to wear a penis extender for this duration, many people get used to the device after the first few days. There are many reasons why you require this device more than any other natural remedy:

  • The device stimulates the flow of blood throughout the penis.
  • It encourages cell division in the penile tissue, which is essential in growth and size increment.
  • Using a penis extender is clinically proven for elongating and enlarging the penis.
  • It offers convenient and relatively pleasant method of increasing the organ’s size.
  • It is used in many countries across treat severe penis curvature and Peyronie’s Disease.


Although penis exercise provides visible and permanent results, it is important to take some precautions. For instance, it is advisable to perform these exercises within a well-established system for penis exercise. The system must offer step-by-step instructions in order to ensure it is performed in the correct manner. It is important because penis can be easily damaged, and care is needed when handling it. Several warm-ups and cool-downs that involve a warm cloth and compression as well as recuperation are also necessary. A quality exercise to enlarge penis should include safe exercise procedures, Jelq and walks during the process.

On the other, penis extender devices offer one of the best natural methods for enlargement. However, the users should take care to choose high-quality mechanisms with devices made of plastics and medical-grade metals in order to avoid irritations and rashes. Depending on the quality and extras, costs of these extender devices vary. Therefore, note that cheap devices might not give desired results.

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