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How to Increase Your Semen & Sperm Count?

If you have a problem in sperm and semen production, believe me, you are not the only one. A considerable measure of men thinks they would have the capacity to appreciate all the more intense orgasms if they could produce and ejaculate a bigger volume of semen. There’s probably more semen can strengthen orgasms and can make sex more pleasurable for both you and your accomplice.

Do you need to know How to Increase Your Semen & Sperm Count? Here are some basic and straightforward approaches to go about it:

1. Cool Your Testicles

Most importantly, you should abstain from overheating of your balls. This is because a lot of warmth can murder your sperm and reduce semen volume. Along these lines, you should avoid tight underpants, hot showers, sauna showers and so on. Resting exposed is an incredible thought to keep your gonads cool.

2. Drink More Fluids

Most importantly, you should attempt to drink enough of fluids as the day progress. The absence of water in your body brings about lack of hydration that can influence all your body fluids, including semen and sperms.

You should attempt to drink a lot of water. Notwithstanding this, you should likewise attempt to devour a considerable measure of new natural product juice. Pineapple juice is known to be a demonstrated remedy to improve semen creation in men.

In the meantime, you should maintain a strategic distance from soda pops, espresso and liquor since they can reduce semen volume.

3. Practice Your Legs

Body exercise is excellent for improving testosterone creation and blood stream in your body. Leg exercise too is uncommonly useful for your semen and sperm generation. This is because leg and thigh practice help blood flow to your balls and privates. More blood means an enhanced supply of oxygen and different supplements that are required for better semen generation.

However, you should abstain from cycling. This is one practice that can negatively affect your semen generation. It can likewise lead to sexual issues.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress and mental tension can influence your body in outrageous ways. Perpetual anxiety can bring cortisol hormone up in your body. Cortisol and the male sex hormone, testosterone, don’t gel well with each other. What I intend to state is that an expansion in Cortisol can bring down your testosterone levels. A drop in testosterone leads to sexual brokenness, poor charisma, and low semen volume.

Some of ideal methods for reducing incorporate stress yoga, contemplation, petition and so forth. Profound breathing activities likewise ease push. A few herbs like ginseng are likewise known to be amazingly powerful in lessening stress. Green tea is additionally known to cool down nerves and minimize stress.

5. Attempt Natural Semen Pills

Besides, you should likewise try natural semen upgrade pills. Such pills are an intense mix of common ingredients that expansion semen creation in men as well as enhance drive and general sexual capacity.

Some of the best pills are powerful to the point that they can expand your semen volume by as much as 500% in a few months. They can likewise assemble your ejaculatory control after some time.

Awesome pills are clinically demonstrated and don’t have any adverse reactions. They are suggested by specialists as well.

6. Knead Your Body with Herbal Oils

Massaging your body with homegrown oils can build blood flow all through your body, including your balls. Increased circulation means a steady supply of supplements, vitamins, and minerals that help your gonads produce more sperm.


In this computerized life, everything relies on upon you. Only settle on what you need, and you will get it.


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