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Jelqing Exercises – How to Jelq Step by Step

Jelqing is a natural penis enlargement technique commonly known as milking. The exercise expands the penile tissues to allow more blood in, which makes it larger and longer. Jelqing is a natural remedy that involves physical exercise performed with your hands to increase blood pressure on the penile tissue. It is opposed to pills and related drugs that cause side effects. Nevertheless, you should note that jelqing requires quality time and physical effort from your side. The technique gives you the size you need to satisfy your partner’s sexual needs as well as yours. Here, we are giving you a step-by-step procedure of conducting Jelq exercise.

1. Preliminary Warm-ups: Jelqing requires you to prepare the penis as well as the rest of the body to be ready for the exercise. This point is very important yet several tutorials leave it out on their procedures. This step involves wrapping a warm cloth around your penis for about 5 minutes. The aim is to expand the penile tissues and increase blood flow into the girth. It is an important step of getting the penis into the semi-erection status.

2. Semi-Erection State: This is the state you need your penis to be in throughout the jelqing exercise. At this state, the organ is partially erect, and this allows you continue to the following steps.

3. Lubrication: In order to perform the exercise without pain or sensation, you need a lubricant. It can be effectively applied on the semi-erected penis. Lubrication improves flexibility and smoothness of the girth’s surface.

4. Making the OK Shape: Use your thumb and forefinger in order to make the OK shape.

5. Start Stroking at the Base: Wrap the OK sign created earlier around the base of your penis as the starting point of stroking exercise. From this point, move your fingers in the OK sign slowly down the semi-erect length. Do a stroke for a few seconds and release your fingers every time you reach the head. It is important to perform the strokes in a slow and controlled way to achieve the desired results.

6. Use the Other hand: Once you have stroked with one hand, create the OK sign again with the other hand and alternately repeat the procedure slowly and in a controlled way.

7. Number of Strokes or Time: You should determine the amount of milking strokes to do when jelqing. Under normal circumstance, it is recommended to begin with 100 strokes in the first week and increase to 150 in the next week and so forth. However, other routines also recommend jelqing for a certain amount of time. The milking vigor increases as you continue to stroke.

8. More Exercises: It is important to note that jelqing exercise does not involve the actual jelqing exercise alone. It also includes other forms of physical exercises. After the jelqing exercise, it is recommended to stretch your penis out while holding it for a few seconds. Repeat this process for a few minutes.

9. Warm downs: This process is similar to the preliminary warm-ups. The only difference is that your penis will still be in its semi-erect state. Take a warm cloth again and cover your penis with it for about 5 minutes. You can warm for a longer time than warm-ups by reheating and using the cloth for the second round. It helps in relaxing the penis and allows for the rebuilding and growth of the penile tissues.

Important Things to Consider When Learning the Jelq Technique

  • There are several ways to do jelqing, and the above procedure is just a basic method. Even though other methods claim to be more effective, they all apply similar ideas.
  •  It is important to be patient because jelqing results cannot be realized overnight. In order to realize visible results, the minimum amount of time to expect this is two weeks. However, it can take longer than a fortnight.
  • Safety is the key to succeeding with jelqing. Avoid shortcuts such as starting the strokes without the preliminary warm-ups or lubricants. Even though a dry-jelqing technique does not require lubricants, it is advisable to lubricate the girth to avoid friction and unnecessary sensation.
  • Ensure you maintain semi-erection state throughout the jelq exercise. Full erection often results into losing control.
  • Even though reading jelqing procedures is helpful, it is advisable to watch real jelqing videos in order to get first-hand knowledge. A real jelqing video gives you a better knowledge of what you need to do during the exercise.

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