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Top 3 Best Male Enhancement Pills

Sexual health is a major factor that matters a lot to most men. The main reason why it is a vital aspect in men is that most of them suffer from impotence and erectile dysfunction, making them sexually inactive. As a result, men suffering from ED seek for multiple solutions. However, even the sexually active men are looking for solutions to enhance their sexual performance. The common and most instant solution that is well-known to people are the male enhancement pills.

So Why Do Men Turn To Enhancement Pills?

Not all men have an erectile dysfunction, but every man wants to be good in bed. So the enhancement pills are used for various reasons. Which include;

• Enlargement of the penis
• To harden the erection
• Increase the production of semen
• Delay the ejaculation
• Boost the sex drive and energy level

With all these reasons, the man will have a better sexual performance to satisfy their partner. Naturally, a lady will take longer to be satisfied during sex. So the longer the man takes to ejaculate, the more satisfied the woman is. And that is one of the reasons men out there are running to drug stores to get the penis enlargement or ED treatment pills.

Keep in mind that some men are sexually active, but they just want to be the best performer to their partners. Whether it is a bigger penis, the longest ejaculation, or an overly great performer in bed, men are increasingly looking for the best sexual supplements to meet their need.

Top 3 Best Male Enhancement Pills

Just because a manufacturer claims to have the best supplements to enhance your penis or solve your ejaculation problems doesn’t mean that you should fully trust them.

Here is a look at 3 of the leading sexual supplements for men, which have been proven to work as they are advertised. So yes, you most probably have already heard of these pills, but there is more into why they are ranked high above other pills on the market.

It is not just about the manufacturers or about what other clients are saying. Rather, these pills are super-beneficial and trustworthy in every possible aspect. That said, let’s move ahead and take a look at the three best male sexual enhancement supplements you would want to consider;

1. VigRX Plus

Ask any man {who uses or have used male sexual supplements}, and he will tell you how amazing VigRX Plus is, and how it can help to improve your overall performance. The supplement has been clinically certified by leading medical experts in America. Another reason that makes VigRX a number one choice is the blend of naturally working ingredients.

9 Ingredients That Make VigRX Plus Effective

The supplement is presented in a blend of natural ingredients that work together to enhance the sexual performance of a man. Here is a look at the ingredients, and how they work in the body;

• Damiana

This one helps to enhance the pleasure by hardening the erection and prolonging the ejaculation. Damiana delivers benefits both to the man and the lady. To the man, he will enjoy a pleasurable orgasm, while the lady will enjoy a harder penis during sex.

• Epimedium Leaf Extract

This ingredient plays the role of increasing the size of the penis. The extract contains a PDE-5 restrainer called Icariin. When the PDE-5 receptor is inhibited, there will be an increased level of nitric oxide in the body. As a result, the nitric acid will boost the flow of blood to the penis. Obviously, when there is more blood flowing to the penis, the erection will be harder.

• Saw Palmetto Berry

Saw Palmetto Berry is well-known to be a natural libido booster. For that, it is a hormone enhancer that keeps the man in the mood. How does this happen? The berry inhibits the activity of androgen and estrogen receptors, which then boosts the testosterone levels. The berry also prevents the possibilities of enlarged prostrate.

• Muira Pauma Bark and Gingo Leaf Extracts

Most men that suffer from Erectile Dysfunction consider VigRX Plus an effective supplement, and it is mostly because of these two ingredients. They are known to elevate the sex drive in men and help better their pleasure. Muira Pauma Bark Extract works at boosting the potency and libido, which then solves impotence.

Other ingredients found in the supplement include Asian Red Ginseng {also helps to harden the erection}, Catuba Bark Extract {enhances the libido}, Ginkgo Biloba {boosts the overall sexual performance}, Panax Ginseng {boosts the sexual drive}, and Bioperine {which helps to boost the digestion and effectiveness of other ingredients}.

Will VigRX Plus Boost My Sexual Performance?

Absolutely yes. This supplement has been made to work naturally in the body, without exposing you to lethal side effects. The ingredients are triggered naturally by Bioperine, which makes this supplement a top choice if you are looking for the best male sexual enhancement supplement.

Any Cons of VigRX Plus?

Honestly, this supplement doesn’t have any known disadvantage. It will work well to deliver what you expect; Better Sexual Performance.

However, the only thing you should know, which is not exactly a bad thing, is the high cost of the supplement. Though you can still enjoy some bonuses and discounts when you purchase from the official site {https://www.vigrxplus.com/}.


VigRX Plus is not just a well-known sexual activeness supplement, but also a clinically tested and proved by professional medical practitioners in the US. It has a blend of natural ingredients that assure you of a better sexual performance without any serious side effect. However, remember to talk to your doctor before you start using the supplement. The company also offers a money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t work. If you suffer from ED or any other related male sexual disorders, try VigRX today and experience the natural change.

2. Male Extra

This is yet another popular sexual enhancement supplement that is used by many men. It has also gone through a medical lab testing to prove that it is safe for use. Other than safety, Male Extra is quite effective at delivering sexual enhancement to the user.

The Top Ingredients That Boost The Effectiveness of Male Extra

Any sexual supplement must have the right ingredients that are absorbed by the body to enhance the final performance of the user. That is why Male Extra comes with organic ingredients aimed at maximizing the sexual performance of the man.

Take a look at this;

• L-Arginine HCL

This ingredient has been used over the years to trigger the sexual performance of a man. When L-Arginine is ingested and absorbed in the body, it will be converted to nitric oxide. This process works naturally and thereby boosting the flow of blood. For that, the ingredient is used with the aim of being converted into nitric oxide naturally by the body.

• Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

MSM is an ingredient that increases the size of the penis. It will stimulate the development of new cells that can hold more blood. So as the nitric acid is boosting the flow of blood, MSM triggers cell development that retains more blood. The final result? A harder and bigger erection.

• Pomegranate Juice {with 40% Ellagic Acid}

This ingredient has a unique effect on the flow of blood in the body. In addition to L-Arginine HCL’s effort at promoting the flow of blood indirectly, Pomegranate juice does that directly. If it is ingested in the body more often, there will be an increase in the flow of blood. So this ingredient will help to harden an erection.

• L-Methionine

L-Methionine is known to contain properties that delay the ejaculation. This happens when the production of histamine is inhibited.
Here is what happens during sex;

When a man is having sex, histamine will be produced in the act. Histamine is a unique hormone that helps the body to reach the climax or rather have an orgasm. So when there is too much production of the hormone, it will mean that the man will ejaculate more often.

Here is where L-Methionine comes in; to limit the production of histamine, which then prolongs and delays the ejaculation. With Male Extra, there will be no more premature ejaculation.

• Zinc

This is a natural ingredient that helps to boost the testosterone level in the body. High levels of testosterone assure you of a better sex drive and high levels of energy to keep you going. This naturally helps to boost the libido, and give you the energy to go long as the ejaculations are delayed.

Why Should You Consider Male Extra?

Other than the natural ingredients, this male enhancement supplement comes with other factors that make it worth buying. They include the following;

• It comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. This means that the pills have been tested to work, but you can still get your money back if they don’t work as you expect.
• The package comes with materials that contain helpful sexual health tips.
• There are plenty of offers when you purchase it at the official site {https://maleextra.com/}
• It doesn’t expose you to any side effects.

There is really nothing to lose when you purchase Male Extra since you can still get back your money if you are not satisfied.

Any Disadvantages?

So far, there are no any reported disadvantages of the Male Extra supplement. However, some men claim that the supplement doesn’t work as they expected. The reason might be the effect of the ingredients in the body. For that, ensure that you talk to your doctor to see if the ingredients will work well for you.

Final Verdict?

Male Extra has been tested and approved to be safe for use, and also effective enough in the body. All the ingredients are easily absorbed, and they work naturally in the body to deliver a better sexual performance. If you want a supplement that will solve your sexual disorders smoothly, Male Extra is one great product to consider. Just make sure you purchase it from the official website.

3. ExtenZe

Just as the name suggests, ExtenZe is one sexual enhancement pill that extends various things. First off, it will extend the time to ejaculate, which keeps you going for long. Also, it extends the sexual pleasure. In addition to that, the supplement will strengthen the penis during an erection, and boost the energy levels. All this happens as a result of ingredients that have been included to deliver the expected results.

6 Ingredients That Delivers The ExtenZe Effectiveness

Most of the sexual-related ingredients that boost the performance hail from Asia. ExtenZe also has several ingredients from Asia, which enhance the sexual performance of the user. They include the following;

1. Korean Ginseng Extract

This one is known for its ability to boost the libido. When the pills are ingested, the Korean Ginseng Extract will be absorbed in the body, and it will, in turn, boost the testosterone levels. This ingredient is mostly used to revert the male hormones that are lost as a man gets old. The extract doesn’t only boost the libido, but also triggers the absorption of other ingredients. That is why it is a common ingredient used in many male sexual enhancement pills.

2. Zinc

This is another ingredient that helps to boost the level of testosterone in the body. It is well-known that zinc plays a huge role in boosting the sex drive and overall desire for sex. So ingesting the pills will definitely put you in the mood.

3. L-Arginine Hydrochloride

This ingredient is used in many male enhancement pills, and it is known to harden the erection by triggering the flow of blood in the body. Just as we mentioned, it is converted naturally into zinc oxide in the body.

4. Horny Goat Weed

When it comes to natural sexual stimulants, Horny Goat Weed is one of them, and it works naturally at it. This ingredient unblocks the arteries in the penis to make it harder during an erection. When the arteries are unblocked, blood will flow freely to the cylinders and make the penis harder.

5. Damiana Leaf

This ingredient is used to enhance an orgasm and boost the pleasure further. The leaf extract enhances the sensitivity of the body nerves, which are mostly involved in a sexual activity. Since it delays the ejaculation, it is not the best option for men who take long to have an orgasm.

6. Testosterone Precursor

This ingredient will trigger the production of the male hormone in the body. For that, you will have a higher sex drive, and be more energetic during sex.

So Is ExtenZe An Ideal Male Enhancement Pill?

Yes, this supplement can work perfectly at making you more sexual active by boosting your sex drive, hardening your erection, delaying ejaculations, and boosting the overall stamina. Remember to purchase it from the official website, {http://www.extenzedirect.com/} to avoid buying counterfeit products.

Any Disadvantages of ExtenZe?

This supplement is effective at enhancing the sexual performance of a man, though it cannot be compared to Male Extra and VigRX Plus. With ExtenZe, you might experience an increased sensitivity that might be somewhat uncomfortable. Also, there is a possibility of purchasing a counterfeit since they are easily found over the counter.

Final Verdict?

Even though the supplement might increase the sensitivity in the body, it still can enhance the performance of the man in bed. The ingredients used are also natural, so there is no any risk of experiencing lethal side effects. You can count on ExtenZe to help solve your ED, premature ejaculations, and diminished sex drive.

A Word of Advice;

While these are the top 3 male enhancement pills, it doesn’t mean that other supplements will not work. You can find some decent supplements that will fix your sexual disorders, though you need to be keen before you purchase any. Before buying a sexual supplement, ensure that you check the ingredients and their effects, the manufacturer, customer reviews, as well as the possible side effects. Above all, always talk to your doctor or a professional to help you find the right sexual supplement.

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